Bibliography (chronological).

Reading is everything.

‪A chronological list of books and documents read by Graham Cammock.‬

‪1. The Universe in a Nutshell, Stephen Hawking‬
‪2. The Da Vinci Code, Robert Langdon‬
‪3. Leading at The Edge, Dennis N. T. Perkins‬
‪5. The Power of Kabbalah, Yehuda Berg‬
‪3. The Red String Book, Yehuda Berg‬
‪6. The Gospel of Buddha, Paul Carus‬
‪7. Tyndale, New Testament, William Tynedale‬
‪8. The Jewish Study Bible, Adele Berlin, Marc Zvi Brettler & Michael Fishbane ‬
‪9. World War Two: History in an Hour, Rupert Colley‬
‪10. World War One, A Complete History, Martin Gilbert‬
‪11. World War Two, A Complete History, Martin Gilbert ‬
‪12. The State of Africa, Martin Meredith‬
‪13. Empire: How Britain Made the Modern World, Niall Ferguson‬
‪14. A History of Britain, Vol 1: At the Edge of the World: 3000BC-AD1603, Simon Schama‬
‪15. A History of Britain Vol 2: The British Wars: 1603-1776, Simon Schama‬
‪16. Navigation: Using your map and compass, Pete Hawkins‬
‪17. Isms, Understanding Art, Stephen Little‬
‪18. Art, The Whole Story, Stephen Farthing ‬
‪19. The Ultimate Navigation Manual, Lyle Brotherton ‬
‪20. An account of the Gold Coast of Africa: with a Brief History of the African Company, Henry Meredith‬
‪21. The Causes of the War of Independence, Claude Halstead Van Tyne‬
‪22. Republic, Plato‬
‪23. The Iliad, Homer ‬
‪24. The Odyssey, Homer ‬
‪25. Nichomachean Ethics, Aristotle ‬
‪26. The Histories, Herodotus ‬
‪27. Theogony and Works and Days, Hesiod‬
‪28. The Voyage of Argo, Apollonius of Rhodes‬
‪29. Reformation, Europe’s House Divided, 1490 – 1700, Diarmaid MacCulloch ‬
‪30. The Communist Manifesto, Karl Marx & Friedrich Engels‬
‪31. The Great Deception, Christopher Booker & Richard North‬
‪32. Europe’s Last Chance, Guy Verhofstadt‬
‪33. The Qur’an, Muḥammad ibn ʿAbdullāh‬
‪34. The Holy Injil: The Good News According to Luke, Injil Publications‬
‪35. Independence: The Tangled Roots of the American Revolution, Thomas P. Slaughter‬
‪36. Origins of the First World War, James Joll & Gordon Martel‬
‪37. Origins of the Second World War, multi-authored, edited by Robert Boyce & Joseph A. Maiolo ‬
‪38. The Old Religion in a New World, Mark A. Knoll‬
‪39. The Bible, A History, Stephen M. Miller & Robert V. Huber‬
‪40. Judaism, History, Belief and Practice, Dan Cohn-Sherbok‬
‪41. A History of Writing, Steven Roger Fischer ‬
‪42. The Story of Writing, Andrew Robinson‬
‪43. Judaism and Islam, Abraham Geiger ‬
‪44. A History of God, Karen Armstrong ‬
‪45. St Paul, the Misunderstood Apostle, Karen Armstrong ‬
‪46. The Fathers of The Church, Mike Aquilina‬
‪47. Politics, Aristotle‬
‪48. The Laws, Plato‬
‪49. The Metaphysics, Aristotle‬
‪50. Symposium, Plato‬
‪51. The Last Days of Socrates, Plato‬
‪52. Phaedrus, Plato‬
‪53. Massacre Over a …Golden Stool: An Account of an Anglo-Ashanti War for the Symbol of a Nation, st. Paul Globe‬
‪54. Timaeus and Critias, Plato‬
‪55. Philebus, Plato‬
‪56. Protagoras and Meno, Plato‬
‪57. Lysis, Laches, Ion, Plato‬
‪58. Gorgias, Plato‬
‪59. Theaetetus, Plato‬
‪60. Charmides, Plato‬
‪61. Hippias Greater, Plato‬
‪62. Hippias Lesser Plato‬
‪63. Cratylus, Plato‬
‪64. Euthydemus, Plato‬
‪65. Menexenus, Plato‬
‪66. Parmenides, Plato‬
‪67. Sophist, Plato‬
‪68. Statesman, Plato‬
‪69. An Essay on Colonization, Particularly Applied to the Western Coast of Africa, With Some Free Thoughts On Cultivation and Commerce, Carl Bernhard Wadström.‬
‪70. Journal of a Residence in Ashantee, Comprising Notes and Researches Relative to the Gold Coast, and the Interior of Western Africa, Chiefly Collected From Arabic mss. And Information Communicated by the Moslems of Guinea, Joseph Dupuis‬
‪71. A New and Accurate Description of The Coast of Guinea, William Bosman‬
‪72. Barbot on Guinea, The writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa 1678-1712, Volume I, Jean Barbot, edited by Paul Hair‬
‪73. Barbot on Guinea, The writings of Jean Barbot on West Africa 1678-1712, Volume 2, Jean Barbot, edited by Paul Hair‬
‪74. The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea, Volume 1, Gomes Eannes de Azurara‬
‪75. The Chronicle of the Discovery and Conquest of Guinea, Volume 2, Gomes Eannes de Azurara‬
‪76. The Voyages of Cadamosto and Other Documents on Western Africa in the Second Half of the Fifteenth Century, Gerald Roe Crone‬
‪77. Bartolomeu Dias, Ernst Georg Ravenstein, William Brooks Greenlee, Pero Vaz de Caminha‬
‪78. The White Africans, From Colonisation to Liberation, Gerald L’Ange‬
‪79. The Rise And Fall Of Apartheid, David Welsh‬
‪80. Democracy, A History, John Dunn‬
‪81. Understand The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict: Teach Yourself, Stewart Ross‬
‪82. The Battle For Syria, International Rivalry In The New Middle East, Christopher Phillips‬
‪83. Making Sense Of The Troubles, David McKittrick & David McVea‬
‪84. The Boer War, Thomas Pakenham‬
‪85. Patterns of Democracy, Arend Lijphart‬
‪86. The Four Voyages, Christopher Columbus‬
‪87. Political Philosophy, Adam Swift‬
‪88. The Holocaust, The Human Tragedy, Martin Gilbert‬
‪89. Five Letters of Cortes to the Emperor: 1519-1526, Hernan Cortes‬
‪90. The Word of God Encyclopedia, Humbleness, Nelly Kamal Ghabbour‬
‪91. The CBT Handbook, Pamela Myles, Roz Shafran‬
‪92. Theories of Race and Racism: A Reader, edited by Les Back and John Solomos ‬
‪93. From A to Z – Introduction to Your Microscope (MicroscopeMaster Series Book 1), H. M. Anderson‬
‪94. Botany: An Introduction to Plant Biology, Sixth Edition, James D. Mauseth‬
‪95. A Book of American Explorers, Thomas Wentworth Higginson‬
‪96. The Great Explorers of North America: Complete Biographies, Historical Documents, Journals & Letters: Eric the Red, Christopher Columbus, John Cabot, Amerigo Vespucci, Jaques Cartier, Henry Hudson & Samuel de Champlain, by Julius Emil Olson, Edward Everett Hale and Elizabeth Hodges ‬
‪97. Letter from Francisco Vazquez Coronado to His Majesty (1541): in which he gives an account of the discovery of the Province of Tiguex, Francisco Coronado‬
‪98. Conquistadors, Michael Wood‬
‪99. The Tempest, William Shakespeare‬
‪100. Macbeth, William Shakespeare‬
‪101. A Midsummer Night’s Dream, William Shakespeare‬
‪102. Hamlet, William Shakespeare‬
‪103. Know Your Bible, David Dailey‬
‪104. The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) with the Apocrypha, by Anonymous‬
‪105. SPQR: A History of Ancient Rome, Mary Beard‬
‪106. The Oxford History of Ancient Egypt (Oxford Illustrated History), Ian Shaw‬
‪107. Humans: from the beginning: From the first apes to the first cities, Christopher Seddon‬
‪108. Buddhism For Dummies, Jonathon Landaw, Stephen Bodian, Gudrun Bühnehmann‬
‪109. On the Origin of Species, Charles Darwin‬
‪110. The Tree of Knowledge, Alvin Boyd Kuhn‬